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We were super lucky to get a location in Virginia Beach where we were able to create a 2,000 square ft on-site garden. Owner, Kevin Jamison and Garden Manager Marion Schultz have spent over ten years combined working with sustainable agriculture from urban farms and gardens in New York City, a 21 acre organic farm in Virginia Beach and an educational farm in Haiti. It was at New Earth Farm in Virginia Beach where the passion for sustainable food truly flourished. From seed starting to organizing a 100 member CSA program, Kevin and Marion were involved with every aspect of running a sustainable farm. Through Kevin’s nonprofit organization he was able to organize community events and on-farm gardening, bee-keeping, composting and cooking classes  – all in an effort to educate the community about the importance of eating locally and sustainably.

Not only is eating locally good for our planet, it’s undoubtedly the most delicious way to eat. Commune’s garden is just one way we bring you the freshest ingredients. Our menu features many things picked right from our garden. Many times it’s picked just hours before your order it. At the end of the season we preserve whatever bounty is left, so that we can serve delicious tomato sauce, picked okra, and dried herbs all year long!